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The Speech Processing Courses in Crete (SPCC) are targeting to teach graduate students and researchers the latest advancements of speech processing covering theory, hands on, and establishing contacts between the academics and industry. The school will provide the chance to students and professionals to meet world leaders in speech technology, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and vision. The Summer School is organized by the University of Crete, Greece.


  • webpage:
  • the school topic is: Towards Intelligible and Conversational Speech Synthesis Engines, The topic includes:
    • Modern Acoustic Modelling Approaches (DNN/LSTM, WaveNet)
    • Text Normalization and Linguistic Analysis
    • Prosody
    • Advanced Vocoders and Modifications (Voice Conversion)
    • Intelligibility and Cognitive Effort in Speech Synthesis


  • webpage:
  • the school topic is: Advancements in Modern Speech Synthesis Engines, The topic includes:
    • Advanced Speech Signal Modelling and Modifications
    • Current Acoustic Modelling Approaches
    • Challenges in Fornt-End Processing
    • Listening Context Aware Speech Synthesis Systems
    • Text Normalization and Linguistic Analysis

Lecture slides used for SPCC 2016 are available online


  • webpage:
  • the school topic is: From Diphones to Modern Speech Synthesis Engines, The topic includes:
    • Speech Signal Modelling and Modifications
    • Acoustic Modelling: HMM, LDM, DNN
    • Approaches: Diphones, Unit Selection, Statistical, Hybrid
    • Listening Context Aware speech synthesis systems


Lecture slides used for SPCC 2014 are available online

Keynotes & tutorials at International conferences and workshops

iTuens U

Simon King, Using speech synthesis to give everyone their own voice, Inaugural lecture, University of Edinburgh

Keiichi Tokuda, Human-like singing and talking machine, Human Language Technology Lecture Series, MIT

Other kind of teaching materials


Educational Softwares

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