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Report 2004 to ISCA

From SynSIG

SynSIG: The ISCA Special Interest Group on Speech Synthesis

Annual Report 2004

  1. Purpose and Motivation
    • Promote interest in speech synthesis (TTS, CTS, related disciplines)
    • Platform for exchanging information on recent research developments
    • Sponsor meetings and workshops
    • Resources for speech synthesis (corpora, tools, software, synthesized data, publications)
    • 194 supporters, as of June 2004.
  2. Terms of Reference
    • Evaluation: to serve researchers, developers and customers
    • Collaborative experiments: international, multilingual, interdisciplinary
    • Resources: research and teaching
    • Student exchanges
    • Standardization: interdisciplinary communication and cooperation
  3. Steering Committee (through June 2004, elected in 2002)
    • Chairman: Bernd M\x{FFFD}bius, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    • Vice Chairman and ISCA Liaison Representative: Nick Campbell, ATR, Japan
    • Secretary and Treasurer: Gerard Bailly, ICP Grenoble, France
  4. Activities: Conferences, Workshops, and Publications
    • sOc'2003, Grenoble, France: Smart objects conference: communicating with objects, agents and environnements (org. G. Bailly)
      • 46 papers, 8 invited papers, 14 demos
    • Internat. Congr. Phonet. Sci. 2003, Barcelona, Spain:
      • 23 papers, 17 posters in speech synthesis sessions
    • Eurospeech 2003, Geneva, Switzerland:
      • SynSIG presentation in Hot Topics session (org. V. Hazan)
      • 24 papers, 38 posters in speech synthesis sessions
      • 1 invited talk on spoken language output (R. Moore)
    • Voqual 2003, Geneva, Switzerland: ITRW on Voice Quality: functions, analysis and synthesis (org. C. d'Alessandro)
      • 5 papers, 1 hands-on session on VQ synthesis
    • Speech Prosody 2004, Nara, Japan:
      • 7 papers, 18 posters in speech synthesis sessions
      • 2 invited talks on synthesis of expressive speech (B. Granstr\x{FFFD}m, Y. Sagisaka)
    • 5th ISCA Speech Synthesis Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA, USA:
      • 15 papers, 29 posters, 2 tutorials
      • SynSIG meeting (steering committee and members)
    • Questionnaire "Future of Speech Synthesis":
      • results presented at Eurospeech 2003
    • Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Speech & Audio Processing on Expressive Speech Synthesis (G. Bailly, N. Campbell, co-eds.)
  5. Activities: Web-Based Services
    • SynSIG web site reworked and moved to [1]
    • New SynSIG mailing list at [2]
      • moderated discussion list
      • membership subscription and maintenance service
    • Teaching and education resources web site [3]
      • course materials and slides
      • collection of historical photos and images
      • annotated list of links to software tools, tutorials, etc.
  6. Finances
    • SynSIG did not incur any financial expenditures nor carry out any other financial transactions. The initial ISCA grant to SynSIG has not been asked for so far.
    • Proceeds from the Speech Synthesis Workshop 1998 at Jenolan Caves are being held in a bank account by ISCA.

June 2004

The SynSIG Steering Committee:

GĂ©rard Bailly,
Nick Campbell,
Bernd Moebius

SynSIG is a Special Interest Group of ISCA, the International Speech Communication Association.

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