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Future events

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  • September 2-6, 2018: INTERSPEECH 2018, in Hyderabad, India.
  • September 15-19, 2019: INTERSPEECH 2019, in Graz, Austria
  • September 14-18, 2020: INTERSPEECH 2020, in Shanghai, China

Topics in speech synthesis

(for use in calls for papers)

  • Text processing for speech synthesis
  • Prosody Generation for speech synthesis
  • Speech modeling for speech synthesis applications
  • Signal processing for speech synthesis
  • Concatenative speech synthesis (diphones, polypohones, unit-selection)
  • Articulatory synthesis
  • Statistical parametric speech synthesis
  • Voice transformation/conversion/adaptation for speech synthesis
  • Expressive speech synthesis
  • Multilingual and/or Multimodal Speech Synthesis
  • Text-to-Speech and Content-to-Speech
  • Singing speech synthesis
  • Systems and Applications involving speech synthesis
  • Techniques for assessing synthetic speech quality

SynSIG is a Special Interest Group of ISCA, the International Speech Communication Association.

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