Blizzard Challenge 2021

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The organising committee this year is led by Zhenhua Ling from USTC with assistance from The University of Edinburgh.


Register by emailing We need to know your

  • preferred team name - the organisers may adjust this so that all teams have meaningful, unique names
  • affiliation - the name of your University and lab, or your Company
  • the name of the main contact person - this must be exactly one person who is responsible for all communication with the organiser
  • contact details:
    • main contact person's email address - should be an institutional email address
    • backup email address(es)
    • postal address
    • phone number

Data download

Complete the licence and download the data - only available to registered participants in the challenge, so please wait for your registration to be accepted before completing the license.

Development tools


  • A questionnaire is included with the test materials. Please complete and include it within your submission.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for discussion and announcements for the challenge:

Participants must join the list by sending a message to

with the following line in the body of the message

 subscribe blizzard-discuss

Once you are a member you will be able to mail messages to


The timeline shown on this web page now is preliminary and subject to change.

  Mar 17    2021 - challenge announcement and registration open
  Mar 29    2021 - database released
  May 03    2021 - team registration closes
  Jun 07    2021 - test sentences released to participants
  Jun 14    2021 - deadline for participants to submit synthetic speech (23:59 AoE)
  Jun 18    2021 - last date for payment of the entry fee
  Jul       2021 - evaluation systems go live
  Aug 09    2021 - end of the evaluation period
  Aug 23    2021 Aug 16    2021 - release of results
  Sep 13    2021 Seg 06    2021 - deadline to submit workshop papers (23:59 AoE)
  Sep 30    2021 Sep 27    2021 - notification of acceptance
  Oct 23    2021 - Blizzard Challenge 2021 Workshop (online event)


Information on the workshop can be found here: Blizzard Challenge 2021 Workshop

Any questions?

  • Please contact if you have any questions

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